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Citymove bietet vielseitige Tätigkeiten und ein kollegiales Betriebsklima an.

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Services and Products

Advanced services combined with a large collection of new options.

Our roots are in Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital and one of its most liveable cities. For many years, the majority of pixfort employees ventured into our heritage-listed office in the CBD.

As we move into a new world of work, pixfort is hiring all roles to be based anywhere in Oceania. We welcome applicants based all around Australia & New Zealand, with the choice to be fully remote, or work from our hometown of Melbourne. No matter where our employees are based, we are keeping our inclusive culture front of mind and working through ways for our remote-first employees to connect with fellow Envatians in person.



Chauffeur Kat. B, C oder CE

Für unsere Transportunternehmung, suchen wir ab Dezember 2022 einen neuen, flexiblen, aufgestellten Chauffeur.

Vollzeitbeschäftigung I Teilzeitbeschäftigung

Logistik / Spedition / Administration


Leitung Administration 100%

Leiter/Leiterin Administration


Senior Data Engineer

Enabling teams to find solutions quickly and validate market impact.

Grenoble, France